Free Nepali Dashain, Tihar and Deepawali Greeting Cards

Source : : Free Nepali Greeting Cards Maker for Any Nepali Festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Deepawali etc.

Dashain is the most auspicious festival of Nepalese people. During dashain, relatives from abroad countries come home for celebrating it.

It starts from Ghatastamna in last week of September. The main day of Dashain is Bijaya Dashami. After union of Nepal by Prithvi Narayan Shah, a modern Nepal and a new tradition was set by bringing Phulpati and Jamara to Kathmandu from the Gorakhkali Temple by a Magar priest. People any caste whether Hindu or Buddhist take Tika from senior family members in order of precedence after worshipping god Durga and all their machines like Vehicles, Computers and other accessories they use daily for earning livings.

Happy Dashain Greetings to Nepal and Nepalese people : Nepali festivals

Send free greeting cards in Nepali or english on occasion of Dashain, Tihar, Deepawali

Dashain has been celebrated for infinite time from past as a longest festival and as a symbol of power. According to Hindu mythology, a demon called “Mahisasur” had caused pain and suffering amongst humans. Then goddess Durga Bhawani killed the demon to relieve the humans. In other myths, it is celebrated after the victory of God (Rama) over Devils (Ravan). Anyway Dashain is the festival symbolizing victory of truth over evil. The worshipping of the Nawadurga Bhawani (Taleju Temple) during the Nawaratra (nine night of worship) from Ghatastapana is an ancient tradition. It is mentioned in the Devi-Puran- ‘Ram had proposed of launching war against Rawan in Lanka on the occasion of Bijayadashami in Ashwin Shukla Nawaratri’. Similarly, it is mentioned in the Padma-Puran- ‘Rama had killed Rawan on the day of Chaitra Shukla Chaturdashi.’

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See the youtube video tutorial on making greeting cards –

Here are some greeting cards samples for Nepali festival Dashain :


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